Gyani Kuldeep Singh stands his ground

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Kuldeep Singh, granthi at Gurdwara Sikh Sangat of Virginia stood his ground last Sunday, May 22, in the face of mounting condemnation from many Sikhs for replacing three Baanees attributed to Guru Gobind Singh and traditionally recited during the Khanday Baatay Di Pahul ceremony with other Baanees from the Guru Granth.

In a lengthy statement to the sangat, defended his decision to the altered ceremony, which he conducted on April 15, by questioning the origin and authorship of these Baanees and all other writings, which are from the disputed Dasam Granth. He also questioned the inclusion of these Baanees in the Rehit Maryada, and accused the SGPC of secretly making alterations to the code over the years.
But both Kuldeep Singh and his opponents rejected the authority of the takhat jathedaars to summon him to the Akal Takhat to explain his changes to the Pahul ceremony.