Sikh women's conference proposed to DSGMC

Amrit Dhari Sikh Women |

The following is a draft proposal from a Gursikh family to the DSGMC for a November 2016 Sikh women's conference to highlight the Sikh doctrine of respect and equality for all women, to be held at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib.

Sikhs in President's address on reducing gun violence

White House | Washington, D.C.

Second Amendment rights are important, but there are other rights that we care about as well...

"Divali" - the most popular Sikh historical fiction

Karminder Singh Dhillon | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It was during the tumultuous 100-year period after the martyrdom of Banda Singh Bahadur that Brahmanical rituals such as Purunmaashi, Sungraand, Rukrhi, Lorhi, Mughi, Shraad, Maasiya, Kurva Chauth, Dushera and Divali were planted into and institutionalized in gurdwaras as Sikh practices by the anti-Gurmat mahants.

Super statesmen in Sikh history

Jasbir Singh Sethi | Houston

Guru Hargobind Sahib ji’s imprisonment in the early 1600s, and then his release along with 52 Hindu princes and kings from Gwalior Fort many years later, is a shining example of super statesmanship.

Why Yogi Bhajan Followers Practice Hindu Rituals

Antion Vikram Singh | New Zealand

When I look at Punjabi Sikhs discussing Bhajanism, it’s obvious that they cannot comprehend how anyone who seems to have become a Sikh could possibly be interested in things Hindu. But now the cat is out of the bag. And no one is in charge. And the ever-present under-current of Hinduism has come to the surface.

To the Sikh protesters: We are with you

Rajwant Singh and Inderpaul Singh Gadh | Maryland

This was not a protest by people with questionable motives. In fact, they represent the sentiments of the Sikhs worldwide.

Solution to Gurdwara Elections

Amarjit Singh | Canada

All gurdwaras worldwide should adopt the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee’s constitution, and require an additional declaration of good standing from all voting persons participating in gurdwara elections.

Sikh students learn from the American who lived with Bhindranwale

Kamalla Kaur | Washington

Norman finds he just wants to say one more thing to Sikhs, one more time: "In the months before Operation Bluestar everyone knew that a Indian government military attack against Sikhs of some sort was brewing. Sant Jarmail Singh and his men were...

A New Granth

Prabhdeep Singh | Tiger Jathaa, UK

Slowly, slowly - whether it’s our history or Banee – (they are) establishing a new granth. This is what we are observing. We still have to tell everyone that our Guru is Guru Granth Sahib.

Call Us Warriors

John Edwards | Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Brian (Murphy) was there for a reason that day because he’s a warrior. Sam (Lenda) was there that day because he’s a warrior. And they embody the spirit of what, I believe from what I’ve read, is the Sikh warrior mentality. I believe that’s why they were put there that day.

The Voice of Chardi Kalaa

Retired Lt. Brian Murphy | Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Last year I was blessed by God to be given an opportunity to serve the gurdwara and for that I will always be thankful regardless of what happened to me physically...

Instead of Hatred, I Saw Love

Scott Walker | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For anyone out there observing, it would have been easy to think that the national response would be to respond in kind, with hatred. But instead, you showed the power of love.

Healing Communities and Remembering Victims of Oak Creek

Eric Holder | Washington, DC

I’m pleased to announce that the Justice Department’s Office on Victims of Crime will offer an emergency assistance grant to the Wisconsin Department of Justice providing over $512,000 to help reimburse, and continue to pay for, mental health and trauma services for the victims and survivors of this horrific shooting.

Book Review: 'The Caretaker' - An Overly Ambitious Thriller

Neha Singh Gohil | San Carlos, CA

A Sikh soldier. A powerful American politician. Murder. Military operations. Illicit affairs. A.X. Ahmad’s first novel, "The Caretaker," is an attempt at a fast-paced, suspenseful combination of Ian Fleming’s "James Bond" with Jhumpa Lahiri’s "Namesake." 

Adversity Breeds Resilience

IJ Singh | New York, NY

I present you historic parallels of the Jews and the Sikhs in the fond hope and prayer that Sikhs don’t need 2,000 years in the diaspora to learn the lessons.

The Gadar Party – A Revolutionary Movement by California’s Sikhs

Jatinder Singh Hundal | Antelope, California

The revolutionary movement for India’s independence was sparked by the Sikhs of Northern California, and had its roots in the core Sikh belief of freedom for all people and equality of humankind.

Guru Arjan and 1984

IJ Singh | New York, NY

The title caught your eye? Good.

New York Sikhs Organize Run to Commemorate 1984

Harbani Kaur Ahuja | Staten Island, New York

On Sunday night, more than 30 New Yorkers gathered to commemorate the 29th anniversary of Operation Blue Star.

Blind Faith

Arvinder Kaur Goomer | Beltsville, Maryland

It is an intensely personal journey, a path that hopefully can lead to peace and contentment.

Book Review: Punjab Folktales

Neha Singh Gohil | San Carlos, CA

“Nani maa kol jaoonga, dudh malai khaunga, mota ho ke aoonga.” Reading this sentence to my sons brought a grin to my face and tear to my eye.

Sadda Haq (Our Right)

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Punjabi movies are dime a dozen. They often come and go unnoticed, and we can count on the fingers of one hand with room to spare those we have seen – and even less those we have admired. “Sadda Haq” is different. It deserves thoughtful examination.

SIKH REHAT MARYADA: The Code That Defines Us

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Does spiritual awareness mandate a code of conduct?

Nishkam Seva

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

My introduction to nishkam seva wasn’t so different from many of us have who were born and raised in a village in Punjab. But the true meaning of nishkam seva didn’t come to me until my late twenties when I picked up the book “Garland Around My Neck,” a biography of Bhagat Pooran Singh.


Arvinder Kaur Goomer | Beltsville, Maryland

How could this corrupt politician go free? There was evidence presented and testimonials and yet politics won again over justice.

In Awe of the Panj Pyaaray

Arvinder Kaur Goomer | Beltsville, Maryland

It was an important day for us. In a world of traditions and age-old customs, five stood tall, majestic in their kaysgees and strongly held their Kirpans, leading us in procession for Vaisakhi.