Sikh women's conference proposed to DSGMC

The following is a draft proposal from a Gursikh family to the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee for a November 2016 Sikh women's conference to highlight the Sikh doctrine of respect and equality for all women. The family has offered to cover all expenses for the event at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, New Delhi.

Global Initiative by Amrit Dhari Sikh Women for celebrating Prakash Utsav of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji maharaj


The Global Amrit Dhari Sikh Women celebrating November 2016 Prakash Utsav of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji maharaj has been proposed to Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee - (DSGMC).

Amrit Dhari Sikh women will handle and carry out all the sewa activities associated with the auspicious celebrations to be held in the Lakhi Shah Wanjara Hall at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, New Delhi, India under the auspices of DSGMC. 

Although the celebration should be funded through the sangat’s golak, a Gursikh family has offered to bear the expenses associated with the Gurpurab celebrations, if needed.

The Amrit Dhari Sikh women sewadars will be identified by a dress code – white kurta & churidar panjama, navy blue kamarband and navy blue keski & navy blue chunni.

Key sewa activities to be undertaken by Amrit Dhari Sikh Women will include: 

  1. Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  2. Lakhi Shah Wanjara Hall: Day of the Gurpurab: 
    • Parkash, Tabia, Chaur and Sukhasan duty. 
    • Amrit Parchar on the Gurpurab.
    • Ardas. 
    • Hukam Nama. 
    • Katha of Hukam Nama. 
    • Stage management (announcements, siropas, time management etc.). 
  3. Kirtan (women Jathas must recite from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in Ragas). 
  4. Speeches on life and teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji maharaj.
  5. Parsad (preparing, serving).
  6. Langar Hall (planning, preparing, serving etc.). 
  7. Other activities.
At the end of 2016, during the elections of the DSGMC, Delhi voters are strongly encouraged to vote only for those candidates who -  publically and in writing - agree to respect and ensure the respect and equality of women. All candidates should also agree to celebrate this Gurpurab every year in the same manner where global Amrit Dhari Women would be in charge of all sewa activities. All candidates also must preserve the independence of Delhi Sikhs and the uniqueness of the DSGMC constitution. 

Some of the key goals of this Global initiative by Amrit Dhari Sikh women include: 

  1. Increasing awareness and desire in taking Amrit by women. 
  2. Eliminating patitpuna. 
  3. Showcasing the leadership of Amrit Dhari Sikh Women from around the world and giving them the respect they deserve. 
  4. Eliminating immoral, demeaning and disrespectful practices against women, including:
    • Female foeticide and infanticide (proon hatya).
    • Rape.
    • Bargaining of women as property at marriages.
    • Increasing support for women’s education. 
  5. Inviting world communities to come and witness the respect and equality of women as mandated by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. 
  6. Enhancing the profile of the DSGMC and its unique constitution worldwide.

The President of the DSGMC, Sardar Manjit Singh GK, has been approached with this proposal. Please impress upon the president to undertake this very important initiative to carry out the Gurpurab celebrations with Amrit Dhari Women from around the world to be in charge of all sewa activities. 

For Manjit Singh's contact information, or further communication, please write to: 

Please note: The true Prakash Utsav of Guru Nanak is Vaisakhi, April 14.

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